5 Tips You Must Know Before Your Jog

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1. Try to embrace 2km and 10km jogging

This may subvert your thinking, but please don’t forget that five kilometers is just a default goal. The ultimate goal of this goal is to increase personal aerobic exercise capacity. Therefore, you can also try to adjust the length of jogging to two kilometers or ten kilometers according to your personal state to spread your physical strength. Why not?

2. Use mountain climbing to make training easier

Mountain climbing is a technique to strengthen jogging, not a measure of how much energy you have. Compared with the leg muscle pressure accumulated by weightlifting and squatting, those steep slopes will make you tired when climbing. This will be a good way to train your leg muscles, and it will also make you more relaxed when running on flat ground.

3. Strong legs equate to faster speed

The muscles mentioned above have to be thought of as your main weapon for running five kilometers, and you absolutely want to shape your legs into the shape of long-distance running. However, running is not only the use of calf strength, but the role of human hamstrings and buttocks is often easily overlooked, so going to the gym to exercise leg muscles will be a faster way for you to run.

4. Run when the weather is sunny and fresh

Breathing in cold air for a long time will have a negative effect on your body, as the continuous inhalation of cold air into the lungs will cause lung tension. Therefore, please try to jog when the weather is mild to bring more benefits to your body.

5. High-intensity interval training

If you don’t want to feel relieved and insufficient after every jogging, high-intensity interval training will be your best friend. It basically combines strenuous exercise and short rest. Even if it doesn’t take much time, it still allows you to maintain the physical construction required for endurance training, which is quite helpful for your next jogging.

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