About Retro Jordans

Hi people, welcome to Retro Jordans! The following are something you would like to know about us.

We are a startup company that exclusively promoting the latest sneakers in the market. From your favorite Air Jordans series to the wonderful Supreme brand, our platform here is just mainly sharing the information but not selling any sneaker to the public. Well, in case if you are wondering, we will introduce all the audience about the great place to buy authentic sneakers, never fake. So, put your trust on us and let’s explore today!

History of Retro Jordans

Founded in 2018, Retro Jordans is one of the best sneakers information website that share the latest trendy news about footwear world.

Retro Jordans also provides exclusive content through our Retro Jordans social media channel, which showcases everything from the sneaker series of community members to the upcoming collaborative version. Today, Retro Jordans digital and social media network serves more than 5 million young consumers worldwide every month.

Vision and Mission


Be recognized and provide the up to date news about footwear industry in America.


We will provide all the authentic information to the readers. We are the preferred platform to our audiences.